GTA 5 Publisher Doesn’t Believe in Xbox Game Pass or Subscription Services

Grand Theft Auto 5

Take Two is the parent company of Rockstar that published GTA 5.

They are also reportedly working on GTA 6 as their next huge, open-world game title but the company is quite skeptical when it comes to providing all their games in a streaming service.

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Most major brands including Sony’s PlayStation exclusives and now Rockstar believes that games should be sold separately unlike movies or music. It has also led to a considerable increase in pricing as all new Sony PS5 titles or at least select exclusives will be sold at $70. That is a lot of money for a single game which is why Microsoft has started Xbox Game Pass. They have been exclusively working on a subscription model whereas the GTA 5 publisher has a completely different view about it.

Price is Still Very Low

According to Take Two Interactive, the company’s President Karl Slatoff opined that the company is open minded to adopt this new culture. However, they are not still convinced that subscription is the only future for game distribution. He said, “It is not the only way or discs are the primary way to be selling games right now. Things could change in the future. Besides, the pricing for owning a large game such as GTA 6 when it gets launched it very less.”

GTA 5 motel

“For the money people pay, they get a very reasonable and highly value for money proposition. The sum they pay per hour for a title is very, very low which is what makes them a great way to distribute games. People love games and they can get more titles by going for a subscription service. However, they still get more value by buying an AAA title and playing it for weeks and months without having to worry about spending more. If the consumer would change their mind, we will definitely follow suit and adopt it,” he further added during their financial call.

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Despite all the statement, Take Two allowed Rockstar to have their game Grand Theft Auto V placed on the Xbox Game Pass service. It was available for many months to all players to subscribed for the service and they also launched Red Dead Redemption 2 on the same service. It is a relatively new title and is still available along with a host of other titles.

Electronic Arts have followed the same route by offering their Origin Access along with Xbox Game Pass as a single subscription model.

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