PS5 Will Have Godfall as a Timed Exclusive, More Such Games Expected

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Sony has some strong plans for PlayStation 5 and in order to push console sales in the initial year, they have managed to strike a deal with Godfall.

The developers who made the game have agreed to keep it as a timed exclusive for a period of six months. It will be available only on the newest generation console till the middle of next year.

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Throughout the years, Sony has always had console exclusives as their forte. While Microsoft choose to go an entirely different route with games like Gears of War 5 and Forza Horizon 4, PS5 continues to rely heavily on first party titles. The most popular of them all at the moment is Spiderman Miles Morales which will be a launch game for the $500 console. It is considered to be one of the many powerful first party games the console has including an upcoming God of War in 2021.


It offers compelling reasons to own the console on launch date despite the fact that it is not available in stock in most countries. The pre-orders were gone in mere minutes and players who were desperate to buy the console couldn’t do so. These are some of the issues that Sony should rectify which we believe they will and it will strike gold yet again for the hugely successful console since its PlayStation 4 days. Having a timed exclusive even though it will eventually be available on all platforms, Godfall offers players one more reason to be a fan of the console as they can experience the game much earlier.

Increasing Game Prices

The game Godfall will eventually get launched on PC in the Epic Games Store. The game will cost $50 for PC gamers and is available immediately whereas those on Xbox Series X and other Microsoft consoles should wait months before they could purchase it. The game is quite expensive as all AAA titles are in the next generation as it sells for $70 on the PlayStation 5 console. The only good aspect right now is that there aren’t many games to buy and with just three or four them out for purchase, you could probably try this one too along with other PS5 exclusives as they get launched along with the console this month.

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Godfall will also be available on Xbox Series X and S after 21st May 2021 while it will be available for PS5 gamers from the 12th of November.

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