The Sims 5 Open World Map Might Just Have Been Leaked

The Sims 5

While The Sims 5 open world map gives some interesting details about the game’s setting, there is a particular reason why it might not be relevant any more!

The development process of The Sims 5 has been making news for a while. Apart from knowing that the game is being developed under the codename Project Rene, one is also aware of the fact that it will be offered as a free-to-play game.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the arrival of The Sims 5 will not have any impact on the other Sims games. They will continue to exist and players will have complete access to them. The gaming studio also has plans to roll out new content and updates for The Sims 4 after launching The Sims 5.

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Right now, the all-important question playing in the minds of the fans is when will The Sims 5 get a full-fledged release. EA, despite talking about the game on a couple of occasions, has been quite secretive about it. The gaming studio has ensured that fans do not get access to a lot of information about the in-development game.

Just like some of the other games being developed at the moment, The Sims 5 too suffered from leaks. A recent leak has, supposedly, offered fans a glimpse of The Sims 5 open world map. Certain images, that have emerged online, showcase a playtest build of The Sims 5 or Project Rene. The images feature a top-down map comprising a big city-style area that has a river running through it. In the other images, one can see in-game snapshots of different areas that have a connection with the top-down map.

A datamining effort is said to be the force behind these images coming to the fore. A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as DzXAnt22, posted these images on the platform recently. The user stated that they had come across reference images that were in sync with the information given out by the map and the kind of aesthetics a city like Paris is known to have.

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Going by this leaked The Sims 5 open world map, one gets a feeling that The Sims 5 will have a massive open-world environment. Of course, one is not too sure about the authenticity of this leaked map at the moment.

According to the user, the playtest build works very smoothly and conveniently on different platforms, including a mobile device. As per the information shared by them, The Sims 5 uses technologies like asset streaming and LODs to pave the way for a stabilized frame rate. The dataminer confidently asserted that even when you zoom out, the performance remains at par.

Later, the dataminer confirmed that the game’s files do not feature any ‘travel’ icons. They also stated that no references to ‘traveling’ have been made. Based on this information, one could assume that The Sims 5 could be driven by a real-time, open-world operating model. It was also revealed that this build was put together a year ago. Since The Sims 5 is a game that is still in the development process, a lot might have changed in the past year.

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