Top 5 Mistakes Players Make in Red Dead Redemption Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the few games or to me, the only game that truly brings the Wild West era back to life. Rockstar is well known for its huge open-world titles and RDR 2 is one of them. But what actually makes RDR so addictive and fun to play, is the online multiplayer mode. It lets you play with a huge number of players from all around the world, learning the art of survival in the world of outlaws, completing crazy missions to get paid and make progress in the world. Still didn’t have a chance to play RDR Online? Grab yourself a cheap RDR2 key and get your journey started.

RDR Online might seem easy at first glance but once you get started, the learning curve gets a little steep as there is so much to keep in mind as a newbie, getting help from a professional player to boost your account might a good idea.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through some of the mistakes that most players end up making, which makes their lives a lot harder in RDR online.

Character Customizations

One of the most common mistakes that many players make which ends up costing them some hefty amount of gold is rushing through the character customization. As tempting as it may be, you need to take your time and think about exactly how you want your character to look like because you only get a single character slot and if you mess it up and try to re-do the whole thing, my friends it’s going to heavily cost you!

Unnecessary Purchases

Once you start playing the game, there is so much to do and many players think about spending their initial payout on either clothes, shiny guns, beautiful and powerful horses and so much more. Believe me, I would know. But earning those shiny gold coins in RDR, unlike earning cash in GTA online, is a lot harder than you might think and that’s why you should be more careful about what you spend those hard-earned coins on.

Missing Out on Loots

Being rich in RDR online is very important to make progress in the world but getting rich is as hard as it gets. One of the ways to earn those gold coins is looting and there are so many ways to loot such as, looting dead bodies, chests, abandoned huts and warehouses and so much more. And with this many looting options and so little information about how to get them, chances are you are going to miss out on many great opportunities to get that free stuff. Free advice? Be vigilant.

Weapon Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining our weapon, most of us don’t pay much attention but it costs you severely when you try to fight off other players. Even your perfect headshot wouldn’t be lethal just because you forgot to oil your gun every once in a while and now it’s rusted.

RDR Online, unlike other games, forces you to take care of your weapons as you should, because one day it’s going to save your life.

Ignoring Award system

Red Dead Redemption online features an award system that, as the name suggests, awards the players with extra XP points for completing different side missions. But due to the fact that many of these side missions appear to be not-so-important that most of us end up ignoring them altogether.

But if you are grinding for those extra XP points to grow your RDR account, you should be paying more attention to the award system as it resets itself once you have completed all the missions, meaning you get to do that over and over again which makes for a great way to earn XP points other than the main quests.

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