GTA Online Offers Heavy Discounts on Cars, Property, A Treat for GTA 5 Gamers

GTA Online Festive surprise

This holiday season, if you haven’t already made use of the numerous deals available online, this is probably the time to do so. GTA 5 players just can’t get enough of it which is why GTA Online continues to receive a host of upgrades.

The latest in the lot is the inclusion of some new vehicles while older ones are getting discounted that you should purchase, if you have been eyeing them for long.

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As part of the year end releases, the developer team rolled out the CayoPerico heist. In the DLC, players will be able to organize a heist with a team of friends. They are supposed to make sure the owner of the island doesn’t spot while the heist is still in progress. In every update, the team has been consistent in adding multiple new vehicles to keep the innovation going within the game and the year end update is no different.

GTA online

New Vehicles to Move Around

The newest set of vehicles available to drive include the GrottiItali RSX and the Dinka Veto Modern. If you have enough cash in the bank, you could probably purchase them as soon as the latest patch update is rolled out to the version of the game you own. However, most people often spend their cash in the casino or any old vehicles, helicopters that were required for the tasks they played.

The new cars are now available at Legendary Motorsport, As it has been the tradition, most players will often be surprised by the high cost of these vehicles but they are definitely worth the spend. You will be able to go around Los Santos in the most astounding style while other players are still going in their simpler vehicles. The GrottiItali RSX is the choice for such a cruise as it has been designed from the ground up to be a cruise, sporty car with maximum horsepower.

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Almost all the major old models are now available for discounted pricing in GTA Online. All you need to do is login to your account if you didn’t do it the past few days. Besides, being the holiday season most players are spending their time completing missions in GTA 5 and you could join them with your brand new purchase.

For newcomers, GTA 5 is also available with massive discounts on all major stores. While it is an old game, it should be a worthy purchase considering the multiplayer aspect.

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