New GTA 6 Online Rumor Hints About Codename and a New Character

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Recently, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is keeping track of the developments taking place within the GTA online communities and is well-informed about the kind of expectations fans have from Grand Theft Auto 6.

Though the gaming publisher hasn’t shared any major updates about the game since confirming its development in February, fans are now hoping that it will share some important details about the game soon.

One thing that is absolutely clear at the moment is the fact that Rockstar is channelizing most of its energies towards developing GTA 6. With the kind of effort it is putting behind the GTA 6, the wait for the game might just be worth it.

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In the last couple of months, fans have been served with a large amount of information on the game. While none of the information provided by the leakers or the insiders has been confirmed by Rockstar, it has contributed to keeping the buzz surrounding the game alive.

As per a report published online, fans on GTA Forums stumbled upon the resume of an actress named Natonia Monet. According to the resume, she has played a character named Tamara in a video game titled ‘Fireball’.

As soon as GTA fans chanced upon the details mentioned in the resume, they jumped to the conclusion that ‘Fireball’, in some way, is linked to GTA 6. They arrived at this conclusion based on the fact that the actress is associated with a talent management agency that has worked with Rockstar Games in the past.

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As per the interpretation of this resume by GTA fans, Fireball is the code name of GTA 6. Tamara, according to the fans, is the name of the character Monet will lend her voice to in the game. What’s interesting is that as soon as fans arrived at this theory, the actress’ resume got updated and any mention of Fireball and Tamara was removed from it. This has definitely helped in substantiating the claims made by the fans.

However, the information one has received so far is not good enough to make one believe that this particular theory by GTA fans is true. A lot of people have pointed out that GTA 6 is in its early stages of development and Monet appearing in it and updating it already doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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