VR Content In Resident Evil 4 Remake: How It Will Change The Game’s Dynamics?

Resident Evil 4

State of Play, organized by Sony, offered fans much more than what they were expecting.

Apart from sharing important updates on some of the upcoming games, the event also brought in announcements for major games. Among other things, an official announcement was made about Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The official confirmation was accompanied by a cinematic trailer of the game. Though fans were not offered an elaborate glimpse of the gameplay, they were given a visual representation of the art direction in the game. From what one has seen so far, the game should have a much darker tone than its predecessors.

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As the trailer comes to an end, we see a title card that confirms the arrival of PlayStation VR2 content arriving in Resident Evil 4 Remake. At the moment, there is no official description provided for the VR content, but fans expect it to be nothing less than spectacular. Though the gaming publisher hasn’t shared any information, one can get a fair idea about the VR2 content in the game by following some of the clues one has received so far.

Virtual reality has been a part of the Resident Evil franchise for a while and has played an important role in shaping up the game in the recent times. The original PlayStation VR was launched in the year 2016 and one of its stand-out features was a VR mode that was designed for Resident Evil 7. Most PSVR launch titled offered generic experiences that lasted for a short while. Resident Evil 7, however, went a step ahead and enabled players enjoy the game thoroughly using the headset.

Resident Evil 4 VR arrived in the Oculus Quest Store 2 in 2021. Those who already had access to Quest 2, could try out Resident Evil 4 in VR. The game was quite similar to its remastered versions that one got to play on Xbox One and PS4. The plot was the same and so were the visuals, structure of the mission, rivals and music.

The publishers put a lot of effort towards giving gamers a unique experience with the VR version of the game. Those who tried it out, posted glowing reviews of it on the internet. Gaming experts were of the opinion that the immersive elements in VR contributed towards making the game far more intriguing.

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While fans are quite excited about VR content being added to Resident Evil 4 Remake, there is no clarity around it at the moment. Of course, that has not stopped fans from making speculations around it. It is being said that the PSVR2 content can arrive in the form of a new game mode that would help in propelling the primary campaign forward.

Many of the fans have sky-high expectations from the upcoming VR content in the game. Some fans believe that as was the case with Resident Evil 7, fans will get to witness full-fledged campaigns in VR mode. This theory seems to have emerged from a recent announcement made by Sony. The tech giant has confirmed that Resident Evil Village will soon get a PSVR2 mode, which will enable players to play the game in virtual reality.

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