What You Need to Know About Oakley’s Newest Collection with Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the most popular games today, as many people enjoy playing it with friends and fellow gamers as they survive in an open-world environment. This is probably why the latest data and statistics on Fortnite reveal that the game has a whopping 400 million registered players, with 83 million playing once a month. Thanks to this, the game accumulates billions of revenue annually. In fact, Fortnite co-creator Donald Mustard has shared that it was able to generate over $20 billion in lifetime revenue.

To further boost this success, Fortnite has partnered with various public personalities, clothing brands, and sports apparel companies to release physical and in-game products. One notable collaboration is its most recent one with the sports brand Oakley. This signifies one of Fortnite’s first, and arguably most exciting, forays into physical product collabs.

Why Oakley is the perfect gaming collaborator?

Oakley is one of the most famous brands of sports performance equipment. Although the company makes various products, like sportswear and backpacks, it’s best known for its eyewear. Unlike other brands that offer generic items, Oakley eyewear is tailored for various sports, including cycling, golf, and surfing. What makes them stand out even more is that they’re created featuring the latest technologies unique to Oakley. In terms of gaming, the brand has also released eyewear for e-sports enthusiasts. Oakley gaming glasses are available in a variety of models and are developed with gaming needs in mind. To illustrate, models like NXTLVL are designed with lightweight but durable materials like O-Matter to fit comfortably under headsets. This ensures that gamers have the best visual experience to support their performance.

With this deep understanding of gaming and gamer needs, Oakley is a respected figure in gaming, and many industry figures have worked with them. For example, just last year, Oakley signed League of Legends pro gamers, like EDG’s Meiko, to their roster of ambassadors. Prior to this, the brand also sponsored esports events and university esports athletes. Given this pattern, it’s no surprise that Oakley has decided to partner with Fortnite, one of the most successful games today.

What’s up with Fortnite collabs?

Collaborations aren’t new for Fortnite, as its first one occurred during its initial release. The game joined forces with YouTube content creators, including Baron Von Gamez and Arekkz Gaming. Doing so allowed players to choose these YouTubers as their “commanders” and recruit friends to get game rewards. Fortnite has also partnered with big companies like Marvel for in-game activities. This includes releasing things like exclusive character skins. More recently, Fortnite collaborated with fashion and sports apparel companies. In 2021, Fortnite released a series of digital and physical luxury items with Balenciaga. This included Balenciaga hoodies that retailed for several hundreds of dollars each. In January 2023, Fortnite also released clothing with the lifestyle brand Blcvk Paris. Known for creating minimalistic shirts, its collection with Fortnite featured black clothing items with iconic characters and references from the game, like Cuddle Team Leader and Peely. Given this, it was only a matter of time before Fortnite worked with another brand—in this case, Oakley.

Oakley’s Fortnite eyewear collection

The collaboration between Oakley and Fortnite was announced in November 2023. IMG facilitated this partnership, allowing Oakley to bring forth an eyewear collection with Fortnite. It includes two of Oakley’s most popular designs—the Hydra and the Helux—which people can wear casually and while gaming. The Helux Fortnite is designed to reduce glare from OLED and LED screens and provide players with better vision as they play. This release also makes use of Oakley’s exclusive Prizm Gaming™ 2.0 Lens Technology, which filters blue light and enhances colors. This is meant to improve player reaction time and accuracy.

Meanwhile, the Hydra Fortnite is more suitable for outdoor activities thanks to its shield-like shape that protects the eyes from the elements. This is meant to inspire and empower fans to be as bold and active as their Fortnite counterparts. Both eyewear pieces have Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Victory Crown etched on its lenses. Wearing this, people can show their love for Fortnite even when not playing the game.

The collection was made to showcase and bring together both brands’ commitment to gaming innovation. These sunglasses were made available in limited quantities on Oakley’s website last November 29. However, more pairs will be manufactured depending on public demand.

Featured Image Credit: @oakley on Instagram

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