GTA 6: New Leak Provides Hint About PlayStation 5 Controller

gta 6

In the leaked image of GTA 6, one can see a plethora of interesting markings related to the PS5 controller.

Apart from working on the development process of Grand Theft Auto 6, there is a lot that is keeping Rockstar Games busy these days. The gaming studio has been working diligently towards making GTA 6 ready for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS. A PlayStation 5 controller layout was leaked recently and shared by a large number of fans on the internet.

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A profile on X (formerly Twitter), which goes by the handle @GTAVInewz, has claimed that the surface controller layout has been modelled on the game footage leaks. While this information is quite interesting, it must be mentioned here that Rockstar Games has not said anything about these leaks.

Just recently, the X user posted the aforementioned tweet featuring the image that can be seen attached to it. The image featured a Sony DualSense controller and multiple markings for different buttons. As per this image, these controls will be used by Rockstar Games when the protagonists in GTA 6 have to walk or be on their feet.

The leaked image features a variety of mappings including L2: Aim, L1: Weapon Wheel, Down Arrow Key: Switch Character, Left Stick: Move Around, L3 Button: Press to Crouch/Hole to Prone, R2: Shoot, Triangle: Pick Up Item, Circle: Punch/Reload, Cross: Tap/Hold to Sprint, Right Stick: Look Around and R3: Switch Weapon Hand.

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The controls featured here are quite similar to the ones one finds on existing titles by Rockstar Games. However, one cannot expect everything to be the same. Since GTA 6 will have two playable characters, the character-switching procedure could be a little different from the kind one has come across so far.

Last year, in the month of September, multiple clips related to the GTA 6 character switch process surfaced on X. Fans, quite naturally, were floored by these clips and started dissecting the various elements in them. As soon as Take-Two Interactive became aware of these clips, they wasted no time in taking them down. They took this action because these clips were from the September 2022 leaks.

One should be ready to see further changes when the much-awaited game arrives. While one expects the weapon wheel to be redesigned, the September 2022 leaks also featured an inventory system kept within the weapon wheel layout. In GTA 6, the weapon wheel is expected to be a lot more intricate and loaded with a variety of features.

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