WhatsApp 2.17.92 Update for Android Works Only on 4.0+, New Conversation UI is Coming

WhatsApp for Android

The latest WhatsApp version 2.17.92 on Android will finally stop supporting all devices that still runs on older version of the operating system.

The developer team didn’t make the announcement official but when the newest version is rolled out in the Google Play store, it will indicate that those running on Android 4.0+ are the ones who will be able to enjoy the latest features. Any other device that is still in the primitive version of the operating system will no longer be able to get what WhatsApp has to offer.

WhatsApp 2.17.92 Update

A new UI with version 2.17.93 is also being rolled out by default to all Android devices. While many of the features the company rolls out will remain hidden for a specific period of time, the revamped conversation user interface will be available for everyone who downloads the update. It may not change the way user experiences conversations but rather allows them to easily access icons, add emojis and other functions within a chat in a seamless manner.

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Earlier, support for Symbian and Blackberry operating systems on WhatsApp Web was removed. It allowed them to focus better on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The top three platforms are going strong at the moment even though Windows Phone is faltering with hardly any new flagship phones in sight. The developers have not only rolled out the latest features to WP but also made UI changes, added new emojis besides improving the overall experience of the app.

WhatsApp for Android

There are plenty of bugs to be fixed in WhatsApp ever since the Status feature was introduced. It wasn’t received well by users which had prompted them to bring back the old status as well as retain the new one. The latest version on iOS and Android will fix crashing issues and other bugs reported by users.

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