WhatsApp Android Version 2.17.105 will Bring Pinned Chats and Video Call Button

WhatsApp beta Pinned chats

The app is getting more intuitive as WhatsApp Android version 2.17.105 will receive some minor yet useful features that makes it easier to converse with multiple people.

With almost everyone you know using WhatsApp, there are floods of messages that keep coming to your inbox. While Gmail or any other service has some management methods, the mobile messaging app simply displays the latest messages on top. It doesn’t differentiate between group or individual messages. At times, you might lose touch with your friends or a possible conversation that you wish to be notified of.

WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.105

The latest update which is yet to be rolled out to all users feature the option to pin chats. According to the information available, users will be able to pin three messages for now. Once you pin it, the message will always be on top irrespective of how many updates are there in the rest of our conversation window. It avoids a lot of confusion associated with lost messages and you don’t have to keep scrolling through them all to find the one you are looking for.

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The search functionality in WhatsApp Android does help find the person you need. However, pinned messages are more efficient as it saves a lot of time and you can always read the updates at a glance, whenever you open the app. The video call button is now integrated in the contact info. Yet another simple yet useful addition! You can now choose to voice, video call or text the person right from the contact page.

WhatsApp beta Pinned chats

The WhatsApp iOS 2.17.10 development is complete and it brings in all the changes that is found on Android version. The low light mode for camera on iOS devices makes it easier to take photographs in low light conditions. Being an iPhone, it should most probably come up with great photos already but the update allows those pictures taken within the app to look good than they usually are. All these iOS and Android updates are being rolled out to the Windows Phone models, which is great news for Nokia owners. The developers are yet to discuss a possible launch for the updated version in the Google Play store and App store.

WhatsApp developers didn’t discuss about the new statuses yet as they didn’t deliver as expected and the community backlashed on it for trying to be more social media like than a messaging app. Old status messages will be reinstated for the convenience of users.

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