WhatsApp Status Messages Including Videos and Photos will be Included in Backup

WhatsApp Status Messages

The size of your WhatsApp backup is about to go up if you view a lot of status messages.

Latest update confirmed that all the pictures, videos and any other content shares in statuses will be backed up to the cloud using more space than the app already does.

WhatsApp Status Messages

The developers are working to making status more accessible and easy to use for people who are not so happy with this update. Many users opine that it is mimicking a social media platform which WhatsApp is not. While changes are being made to bring the old status back and the new one more intuitive, there is an update that confirmed all status media will be included in the backup.

If you are planning to save your space and your data usage, it is mandatory to make use of your privacy settings. If the option “Include videos” is switched on, it will also backup all the videos posted on the status which will significantly increase the size of the backup. You can choose to disable auto download in the settings menu so that WhatsApp wouldn’t automatically download your videos and photos. Any setting changed will automatically be applied to the newly introduced status feature as well.

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All iOS users who like to backup their data to the iCloud should make sure they don’t include pictures and videos as it will use a whole lot of space than you intend to. Being a new feature, a lot of users would have viewed status messages from many of their friends. All the content will be locally stored for 24 hours. You can wait for the said period until the media is deleted before you create a backup for your chat history on iCloud.

WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone

Apart from rolling out new status changes for iOS and Android platform, the developers are constantly working on bringing new features to Windows Phone. There aren’t any new Nokia WP models in sight because Microsoft seems to be focusing on something else while Nokia has already rolled out Android smartphones in the market. However, there is a large group of people who use it as their daily phone and need WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends. There are now new ways to take photographs, share content from groups and other improvements that made the Windows Phone version much better than it previously was. We expect a huge change to be made to define how Status works on the app soon.

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