Whatsapp iOS 2.17.40 Supports Multi-file Format, Youtube Videos and Adds Pinned Chat


The developers of Whatsapp rolled out the latest version of the app, 2.17.40 for the iOS platform and it brings in a lot of interesting new features to the app making it more efficient than it already was.

One of the biggest and most useful feature is pinned chat. The ability to pin a particular person’s chat window, a group to the top of the screen is always useful. Users no longer have to scroll multiple times to find someone they want to converse with, as Whatsapp usually shows the latest message on top by default. When you swipe right on the chat window, a pin icon will appear. Just tap on top of it and it will be pinned to the top so as to reduce your search next time.

Whatsapp iOS pin chart

Additionally, the developers are also doing their best to make it easy to maintain media files. With so many groups, an endless list of photographs drop online making it next to impossible to organize or delete them. In the new iOS update, the team has introduced a new feature. When you tap and hold on a group in which there are multiple photos, you can delete them all with a single click or forward them to a different person or group.

The list of features which is now available on Whatsapp iOS 2.17.40 is huge and some of them are extremely useful. Like the ability to send multiple file formats using the app. Right now, users can send files as large as 100 MB over the application and any format can be transferred. Previously, only PDF files could be sent using your iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus devices. Business users are increasingly relying on Whatsapp to communicate and when they do so, they obviously have to send word documents, spreadsheets and other formats to communicate better.

Whatsapp iOS youtube

While iPhones would easily open these files, Whatsapp didn’t support them until now. The latest version also removes the annoying process of having to click on a Youtube link for it to open in a new browser or the Youtube app. It now plays within the message interface in a simple floating window. A welcome addition without a doubt and it also supports picture in picture mode while you can continue reading the messages. However, you can’t start texting while the video is still playing as it’s a feature still in its beta stage.

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