WhatsApp iOS Bugs are Now Fixed, Pinned Chats Highlight Feature Incoming

WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp iOS users faced a long list of problems but it has all been fixed as the developers confirmed it and most users are out of the bugs that plagued the application.

The issue was first spotted with push notifications as the users on iOS version 2.17.11 noticed that it didn’t work as it should. When these notifications fail to appear in time, you will obviously lose important updates. The problem was secluded to group notification messages. Later the problem escalated as it didn’t show contact names in the push notification window making it difficult to know who messaged you.

WhatsApp for Android

Within a couple of hours, the developer team got to work. They identified the problem was related to their servers and soon found a fix. The notifications were back to normal in 24 hours and it was updated on their official pages. The server problems are solved and if you are an iOS user with the specific issue, you should probably try to update the app to the latest version or restart your device. It didn’t last for more than a day and didn’t cause much problem among users.

The WhatsApp Android 2.17.130 version is now updated with pinned chats which will be individually highlighted. It makes it very easy for you to keep track of conversations. At the moment, WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app with multiple groups and conversations going at regular intervals. It is very difficult to keep track of all these messages and pinning chats is an important feature that is yet to be rolled out to all users. Instead of just pinning conversations, you can also see them highlighted so as to find what you need in the ever growing list of contacts.

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The developers of WhatsApp have also removed the translation section for Blackberry and Symbian devices. Compared to iOS and Android operating systems, these two platforms are slowly going out of context. There are hardly any flagship phones that runs on the Blackberry OS and the company has already adopted Android as its preferred platform. It is no wonder the team wants to focus on iOS and Android, the most happening platforms by removing support for older, obsolete versions.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

However, it is a welcome surprise to see the team releasing constant updates for the Windows Phone version of WhatsApp. Recently, they released the clear and delete all chats option in WP to keep your inbox clean without having to remove them individually.