WhatsApp Version 2.17.82 for Windows Phone Gets an Internal Video Player among Other Improvements

WhatsApp 2.17.82 for Windows Phone

The new Status messages on WhatsApp had been met with criticism on all platforms.

The developers are making adjustments to make it easy to use on iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone.

WhatsApp Version 2.17.82

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.17.82 on Windows Phone has received some significant improvements. While the future of Microsoft’s mobile operating system remains a big mystery, it is great to see that the developers didn’t give up on it yet. Earlier, the team announced that they will no longer support the web version of the app for Blackberry and Symbian operating systems. The decision sounds logical because the time it takes to support it for a user base that hardly exists is not justified.

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However, Windows Phones are still prominent and to make things easier for WhatsApp users on the platform the developer team has integrated an internal video player in it. Compared to Android, the number of video player apps on WP is pretty less. If the app can automatically play them all with an integrated player, it saves a lot of time and allows users to browse through multiple videos at once. There are new emojis added to it but there is no screenshot available to actually find the new ones.

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For users who have frequently asked questions, the team has updated their FAQ and posted it. However, it is hidden at the moment and it might be a while before they activate it for everyone to be able to access it. Significant improvements have been made to various aspects of the app including improved voice calls, revoking statuses, messages, verified businesses and other areas. The way users upload and download media content has been altered so that it is much easier to send what you want.

WhatsApp 2.17.82 for Windows Phone

The prominent change is that in WhatsApp version 2.17.82 for Windows Phone videos will automatically start playing before the file is fully downloaded. The total file size will be downloaded to your phone and it will not reduce data usage. The feature significantly reduces waiting times and will allow you to watch the video as soon as you click on the link. Almost all the new additions done to the WP version of the app is available except for the few that are hidden at the moment. They will be open to everyone soon giving a wholesome experience for users on the platform. More changes are coming to WhatsApp on iOS and Android platforms in the near future.

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