WhatsApp will Soon have Dedicated Gif Buttons, Spotted in Windows Phone Version

WhatsApp with WA Enterprise

All major apps are expected to support gifs and WhatsApp will join the league.

The WhatsApp for Windows Phone version 2.17.80 is being beta tested with a brand new gif button.

While photos and videos have become pretty much a standard affair on all messaging apps, dedicated support for gifs had become essential. These moving images of short time span always convey any content in an interesting manner that made Gifs immensely popular in the past few years. All top websites including Imgur, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter witness thousands of gif posts which people like to share with their friends.

WhatsApp Gif Buttons

Based on the button, we expect WhatsApp developers will allow people to express themselves using gifs. It is usually not possible to create their own like they do with smileys. Instead, these images have to be obtained from the internet made from popular memes and other events that happen around the world. A similar feature is available on the Yahoo Messenger mobile app. You can use it to find the most popular gifs and share it with the person you are chatting with.

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If the button is coming to WhatsApp for Windows Phone 2.17.80 version, obviously it will land on Android and iOS platforms first. An older version, 2.17.78 for Windows Phone will automatically open the Privacy Settings when you click on the Status tab within the app. It makes it easy to specify the people with whom you like to share your status message or you can allow it to be viewed by all but block it for specific individuals.

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Once the privacy settings are done, the Status window will proceed to the all settings page. The developer team announced that they are rolling out Status feature to all users this week. It is expected that the same will be available for users in the United States, India, Turkey and Lebanon first. A new update will roll out in a day’s time that will add the status feature to your app. There is no confirmed info on whether it will be available on both iOS and Android versions or only for the Android devices which is pretty much the go-to device for people in many countries.


After bringing the status feature on WhatsApp for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, they will introduce new minor updates. The web version of the app was recently upgraded with more emojis, better compatibility but support for Blackberry, Symbian OSes on WhatsApp Web was removed.

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