WhatsApp Beta on Android Gets New Emojis, Gets Revamped Group Info UI

WhatsApp Beta Gets New Emojis

WhatsApp Beta version 2.17.43 is now available on the Google Play Store.

Users who don’t like to meddle with versions from third party sources can download the official beta version which now includes some exciting new emojis.

WhatsApp Beta Gets New Emojis

Google continues to push new features in the beta channel after testing them with a select group of users. While bigger updates could take a while before they find their way to the Play store, the new Emojis may not take so long. Along with the emojis, the WhatsApp version 2.17.43 introduces new status description. It will also display a popup alert that will warn you that if you delete a status message, it will be deleted for all users with whom it has been shared.

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Understanding how structured messages work and the new status messages is bit difficult for WhatsApp users. But, if you have had the chance to use Snapchat or similar apps that automatically delete content shared in a couple of hours, this should be much easier. The status is more like a message but shared through a different user interface and you can choose who sees it or who don’t. The app will also notify you who saw your status and when just like how the blue tick icon works but with more clear information.

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The new emojis found in the beta including a laughing smiley with tears that is placed sideways, a cowboy face and a clown. There could be more and if you find them, you can actually use it to express yourself in better ways with your friends. Another big change comes to the group info page. A fully revamped Group Info section will have a new layout for editing group subject, brand new icons, media row preview making it easy to spot content and a share shortcut.

WhatsApp Beta Group Info UI

The media row and share shortcut will come in handy. You can now easily share groups with other friends to invite them over and the administrator has to approve them. Groups are full of media content being shared back and forth. The more organized UI of the media row helps sort through photos, videos and other content so that you don’t get lost in the huge number of content being shared by group members. Structured messages are expected to make WhatsApp on Android and iOS more productive as they have so much information packed into them than an ordinary message.

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