Why Sony PlayStation 5 Design is better than Xbox Series X?

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 console amid much fanfare and with a collection of great game trailers.

They focused strongly on both indie games and AAA titles like Horizon II, making it a treat for big-time PS5 fans. At the same time, they have also sent a strong message to Microsoft that innovation is needed in the console space.

Innovative Design

The first and foremost reason that PS5 design is better than Xbox Series X is that it has innovated on so many levels. Most people were skeptical when random images got posted online. However, it is also important that a game console looks as futuristic as it could. Players will be using it for the next five years or so. Microsoft didn’t innovate and went with a simple PC chassis like structure which doesn’t scream design language.

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Options for Gamers

Instead of simply focusing on a futuristic digital-only edition, Sony revealed the PS5 and the PS5 digital edition. They are getting rid of the disc tray which is good and bad news at the same time. The world is moving towards a future where disc games are slowly going out of use. Most are digital downloads which are why PC gamers no longer use DVD drives at all. But, being able to choose what you need is a great option.

Future Proof

The curved and slim design is more of a console that what you would opine seeing an Xbox Series X. After all, if you would want a simple PC chassis, you would buy something from a brand like Asus or Alienware. Instead, Sony took the pain to look into the future where you could proudly display your console and anyone looking at the first time would definitely ask what it is!

PlayStation 5

Series of Accessories

The PS5 event didn’t stop with revealing game consoles but they also revealed a more detailed look into the controller. They also launched the headset and media remote, giving a good glimpse of what to expect when the next-generation console gets launched in 2020. It also provides gamers the wholesome experience combined with a great collection of Sony PlayStation 5 exclusive titles including Gran Turismo.

The new design does have a gripe though, for being in all-white and could easily collect dirt in months. If they would launch a new PlayStation 5 or special edition console with dark colors, it would be easier to maintain it in the long run.

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