Valorant: New Hero Gekko Can Summon Creatures to Kill Enemies

new hero gekko

While it sounds flamboyant, Valorant’s new hero Gekko, who is a Los Angeles agent can actually summon creatures that will tear down his enemies.

Mixing the best of shooting from Counter Strike and power ups from Overwatch, Valorant is a unique game by Riot Games. They are also the makers of League of Legends, one of the massively popular MOBA games in the world.

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Riot Games has officially unveiled the trailer for Gekko and it meticulously lists out all the super powers this particular character has. If you have already played games like Overwatch or Tekken, you might be able to associate him with Eddie or Lucio. Both these heroes often sport a green attire which is obviously something you can change with custom costumes and accessories.

Gekko is the 22nd character that Valorant gamers can play with and it further adds complication to the already competitive title. After all, in a game where you can shoot, parkour and even use stuns to hold down your enemies in place, things will be unpredictable at every corner. Valorant’s new hero Gekko is heavily inspired by the pop culture, skater guy who starts off the trailer by applying violet, green and other colors to his hair to look eccentric from the lot.

Summoning Minions against Enemies

It is easy to spot he loves skateboard because he actually carries one in his hand right in the first half of the trailer. During times of crisis, he can summon minions who resemble the graffiti signs used in Los Angeles and East LA is what ardent gamers have spotted going by the style of the trailer.

In terms of sheer heroic powers, he uses Dizzy which, when shot in the air will temporarily blind your enemies. The skill can be used as a helpful assist to team members or simply to distract them while you close the distance for an instant attack. Wingman is his second ability which is a minion that fires multiple shots at the first enemy that comes within close proximity.

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Mosh Pit is a split design grenade which will cover a large area when thrown before it is activated. Thrash is his last but powerful attack using which he can use Trash to spread a huge fire and affect all enemies in the radius. All his area attacks are amazing and powerful against enemies when solo or during a group fight as well.

Valorant’s new hero Gekko comes bundled with three sprays, 2 players cards and a single gun buddy. Shorty Skin Gekko is the only skin available right now for players to swap and use.

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