Xbox Head Phil Spencer Speaks About Major Xbox Leak

Major Xbox Leak

Phil Spencer, who heads Xbox, talks about the recent leaks emerging out of the court case which Microsoft and FTC are engaged in!

In the recent past, the gaming community and fans have come across major Xbox leaks that have now become a cause of concern for many. Phil Spencer, who serves as the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, recently addressed the leaks. Microsoft is currently engaged in a court case against FTC with regards to the company wanting to acquire Activision Blizzard. Microsoft was directed by the court to submit a bunch of important documents and that led to many details and crucial information emerging online.

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The leakage of next-gen console plans for Xbox indicated towards Microsoft planning for a 2028 release for its upcoming system. These submitted documents also resulted in pictures of a disc-less Xbox series popping up online. Publications have also got their hands on stories on several topics including upcoming Bethesda games the Xbox team is definitely not happy about these things.

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Through social media, Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke about these major Xbox leaks. He also shed some light on when some of the games could be announced. Spencer said that “it is hard” to witness all this information getting leaked as a lot of things could change by the time these games could be out.

These major Xbox leaks have gravely saddened the team at Xbox as they would have wanted these announcements to come at a later stage and in an official capacity. Since the gaming industry is known to be dynamic and trends keep changing every now and then, most of the leaked information wouldn’t make a lot of sense by the time the games, that have been discussed, come out. However, information getting leaked in such a manner doesn’t serve a company well.

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