Xbox Lost the Console War, PlayStation and Nintendo is Tight Says Spencer

Xbox Lost the Console War

The game is never ending but Xbox lost the console war in a way according to Xbox division head Phil Spencer.

He further added that there is no win or lose in this world because Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation are around for decades now yet they continue to grow up or down.

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Nintendo is a classic company with some iconic games in their library while Sony managed to build things like God of War and Spiderman throughout the generations. Xbox is no different because Forza Horizon, Halo or Starfield isn’t some game that you could just shove under the carpet. Despite all the factors affecting a console war, Spencer said, “We kind of didn’t move forward during the most important console phase, the Xbox One which is why we have now shifted our focus on to something else.”

The Race is Different

“Just because we suddenly make some impossibly good games, people would immediately shift to the new console is a myth. It also doesn’t mean Xbox lost the console war. They have acquired games throughout the years on a single console which makes it difficult for anyone to convert them and win the console war. Instead, we decided to just go with Xbox Game Pass subscription, streaming and lots of add-on services that just focus on a single console,” he said.

According to him, Xbox is in third place with the top two players owned by Sony and Nintendo. They are not going to come down easily because of the number of years players have spent in acquiring games and building their ecosystem on the console. Conventional console strategies will no longer work even though many wish to go back to the era of cartridges and discs.

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“We can’t just push Nintendo or Sony out of the race because it is not actually a win. Instead, we are going to focus on being the best green version than trying to imitate what blue does,” he added.

He is optimistic that Xbox lost the console war is not what it seems and they will focus on streaming on multiple devices but at the same time will have a focus on the console industry as they have always been.

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