GTA 6: Rockstar Games Criticized For Being a ‘Troll’ To The GTA Community


Rockstar Games has been under fire for making fans believe that it is teasing GTA 6! 

On 17 September this year, GTA 5 will complete a decade since its release. If you look at it another way, you realize it has been 10 years since fans have been looking discussing the next game in the GTA franchise developed by Rockstar Games.

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As soon as a new GTA game releases, fans start talking about their expectations for the next iteration. While nobody expects a new game to be ready quickly, they do set different timelines in their heads. There was a gap of just about 5 years between the release of GTA 4 and GTA 5. While the former was released in 2008, the latter was launched in 2013.

If you take the aforementioned information into account, you realize how long the wait for GTA 6 has been. While Rockstar confirmed the development of the next game in the GTA franchise last year, there has been no official update about the game since then. This has, quite naturally, resulted in fans getting anxious.

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Recently, Rockstar Games published a blog in order to create awareness around a newly launched Diamond Casino Podium vehicle. Some of the fans who went through the blog found it to be quirky and felt there was a tease about GTA 6 in it. The text, which read “every year comes with the hopeful promise that this year will be the year everything finally comes together”, seems to be trolling fans who had been keenly looking forward to the release of GTA 6.

There was also a line in the post which stated, “Well, 2023 could be that year”. This line led to many fans concluding that an official reveal of GTA 6 will happen this year. However, a large number of fans continued to believe that Rockstar Games was trolling the GTA gaming community. These fans criticized Rockstar for this “trolling” through various social media platforms.

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