Xbox Series X Controller Update Introduces New Innovative and Useful Feature

XBOX Series S

For Xbox fans, Xbox Series X has brought in a lot of excitement.

From controlling the monsters in Elden Ring to experiencing the immersive campaign in Halo Infinite, players now have more control and freedom over the games they play on the console. The Xbox Series X controller, apart from adding features like Quick Resume, has rolled out an update that shall enable a larger number of players to have easy easier access to a wider variety of games.

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This particular update was in the works for a long time and now, its arrival should create a lot of excitement among players. The Xbox Series X controller will now have the ability to regulate players’ TV inputs, which in turn will give players the freedom to press the ‘Xbox’ button and get back to their Xbox input. Apart from making the process of accessing their games more convenient, this update will provide players with better control over their consoles.

So far, PS5 players have taken good advantage of the various input functions that Xbox players were deprived of for the longest time. Finally, Xbox players will get to experience some of these functions. While one doesn’t expect the Xbox Series X controllers to be redesigned anytime soon, one must acknowledge the fact that Microsoft is taking effective steps to ensure that players get multiple ways to experience gaming content.

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Several gaming titles like Cyberpunk 2077 have experienced tremendous success in the recent past. However, players have made it clear that they need faster loading times and better access to the games. With the arrival of this controller update, they should have lesser things to complain about now.

All said and done, this new update can be availed of only by a handful of players. This is because the Xbox Series X has been suffering from supply-related issues and many players are finding it difficult to lay their hands on one. As per reports, these issues will continue to persist till next year. Those who do not own an Xbox Series X console should wait for a few more updates, that Microsoft has planned to make access to games easier, to come out.

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