PS Plus Premium VS Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Here’s Why The Latter Has An Edge Over The Former!

Xbox game pass

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service launched by Microsoft is being touted to be one of the biggest events to have taken place in the gaming industry in the recent past.

By paying a nominal subscription fee, Xbox Game Pass enables you to play more than 100 games. Some of these games happen to be the ones that have been released very recently. Microsoft Reward Points and Xbox Game Pass quests have enabled players to receive Game Pass for free.

To give competition to Xbox Game Pass, Sony is actively working towards revamping its PlayStation Plus subscription service into three distinctive parts. The first section, which is called PS Plus Essential, offers PlayStation players access to all the features that are found in PlayStation Plus today. The second tier is referred to as PS Plus Extra, that apart from offering gamers access to PS Plus games, allows them to try out many of the PS4 and PS5 titles. The most premium option is the PS Plus Premium which is a bit expensive but offers access to as many as 300 additional games, many of which are popular retro titles.

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While many would expect Sony to lure gamers by offering new games, it is taking a different route. Sony plans to build a large subscription base for PlayStation Plus Premium by giving players the opportunity to experience many of the classic games from the PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 generations. One doesn’t expect PS Plus Premium and a bunch of new PS Plus tiers to be launched before June. So, Sony has enough time to find out whether this strategy pays off or not.

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At the moment, there is one thing that we are quite sure about. Though PS Plus Premium has several merits to boast of, there are many areas in which it falls behind Xbox Game Pass.

One of the areas in which Xbox Game Pass has an edge over PS Plus Premium is its pricing. At the time of its launch, a monthly subscription to PS Plus Premium will cost $17.99. For a quarterly subscription, one will have to pay $49.99. A yearly subscription will cost gamers $119.99. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is being made available to players at much lesser prices. While the monthly subscription fee charged by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $14.99, gamers will have to shell out $39.99 for a quarterly subscription.

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Another issue with PS Plus Premium is that it doesn’t have enough day one games. Sony believes that the retro games featured on PS Plus Premium shall be enough to get a lot of gamers on board. Even if that happens, many players will be quite disappointed by the absence of major day one games.

Since the subscription fee is high, many players would have expected day one games to be a part of the package. If Sony’s strategy of relying on retro games doesn’t work, it will have to consider introducing day one games to PlayStation Plus Premium.

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