Xperia X Concept Update 38.3.A.0.94 Wakes Up Device to Display Notifications

Xperia X

The Xperia X Concept Update is rolled out for Sony device that brings a new “Ambient Display” feature.

The feature is quite popular on many smartphone models and flagship devices from Motorola.

Xperia X Concept Display

It is now available for Sony device users who can instantly see what is up. The display will automatically light up whenever there is a notification. The feature is largely useful for anyone who owns an iPhone and is being introduced even in low end Android phones these days. Sony wants to make sure their customers are not left behind and has brought it in the new update version 38.3.A.0.94. It can be turned on or off based on your convenience in the settings menu.

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The camera viewfinder now has an independent brightness feature that is different from the level found on your smartphone’s display. The changes allow a person to know the actual output of a photo they are about to take. In many scenarios, you may have your display on its lowest brightness setting and it could lead to wrongly customized photos. The camera viewfinder now works independently and will make it much easier to take natural looking photos.

Xperia X Update

A couple of bugs found in the Android version of the Xperia X Concept has also been fixed with the update. It includes a fix for the Bluetooth audio loss that happened whenever OK Google command was used, tinted display colors issue and the LED notification light that didn’t activate when there was a missed call. All these are minor yet the changes make the phone much easier to use and is something that will come in handy. You should probably download the update on your Sony phone and start using it to see the difference it makes.

Xperia X Concept Phone Status

The screenshots for all the changes made to the Xperia X Concept has been posted online for your convenience. You can take a look to know the things that have changed and how the device is made more functional with update 38.3.A.0.94. The information was revealed by a random user and posted on the Xperiablog. Users who are already signed up for the Experimental track. It is the beta program where users get to test all the latest and the greatest features well before everyone else could get it. The company’s stronghold in the world of smartphones is very minimal at this point but it might change with a flagship model launch.

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