4K 60fps Remaster of Red Dead Redemption Leaves a Striking Impression

Red Dead Redemption Remaster

Even the staunchest of gaming experts would agree to the fact that Red Dead Redemption at 4K and 60fps looks absolutely stunning!

There have been many talks about Rockstar Games putting together a remake or rebooted version of RDR. For this remastered version, Rockstar is said to be using the same engine that was used to create RDR 2. While no update has been shared by Rockstar about it, fans are hopeful about an official confirmation coming through soon.

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Before a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption is launched officially, fans can play an unofficial remastered version of the game. This will be made possible by emulation. Players will have to use the Xenia emulator and optimally take advantage of the speed and power of the hardware. Xenia emulator is the same device that is used for running Xbox 360 games on a PC. While RDR was never launched on the PC, one can use the Xenia emulator to run the game at a very high framerate.

When you run the game at such a high resolution, you can see the difference almost instantly. Apart from the gameplay being better, the cutscenes also look much sharper than the original game which dropped on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While the graphics of this unofficial remastered version are not at par with RDR 2, they are definitely better than the original.

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Though it is not the official remastered version and leaves a lot to be desired, you can try it out if you have a very powerful PC that the required specifications. At the moment, fans are waiting for Rockstar Games to share some updates on the remake of Red Dead Redemption.

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