GTA 6 Weapon That Has Not Been Part of the Franchise for 14 Years Could Be Back

GTA 6 Rockstar

A new leak suggests that there could be a GTA 6 weapon that has not been seen in the game for almost 14 years!

A new leak pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6 might have revealed a weapon that has not been a part of the franchise for 14 years. The weapon that is being referred to here is the chainsaw. Though Rockstar Games hasn’t shared any update about GTA 6 after confirming its development early last year, one comes across rumors and leaks pertaining to the game on a regular basis. The inclusion of this weapon in GTA 6 is one of the latest rumors about the game.

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Last year, a big leak revealed a lot of information about GTA 6. Among other things, the leak confirmed that the game would feature a male and a female protagonist. There has also been a strong indication of Vice City being the prime location for the game. The leak also offered a glimpse of some early footage related to the open-world action in GTA 6. After going through the material brought to the fore by this leak, fans figured out what they should expect as and when the game releases.

The LinkedIn profile of SayanSaha, a game developer who was working with Rockstar Games in the past, has offered one further insight into what GTA 6 will be offering. Sayan was one of the many members of the 2D UI team that looked after GTA projects at Rockstar Games. GTA 6 was one of the projects that the team worked on.

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In a post, that has been deleted now, Saha stated that he put together more than 500 2D assets for GTA 6. According to the post, he created ‘interior prop labels’ for different items like a chainsaw, fire extinguisher, boat motor, car engine and electric board. While there is a possibility of the player not being able to wield the chainsaw, what one is pretty certain about is the fact that chainsaws will be a part of GTA 6.

Interestingly, the last time one saw chainsaws in a GTA game was in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars which came out way back in 2009. For some reason, Rockstar decided not to incorporate chainsaws in GTA 4 and GTA 5. Now that everybody is talking about GTA 6 being set in Vice City, there is a very good chance of Chainsaws being back in the game this season.

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