Apex Legends Season 16 Goes Back to FPS Routes; Old School Team Deathmatch Mode Still Rules

Apex Legends season 16

Apex Legends, a game primarily designed for BR mode alone is now moving towards 3v3 and team deathmatch mode.

This stands as proof of the fact that Battle Royale is fast waning, even though most would say no.

The developers had to keep the vibe going and they witnessed a sudden spike in the concurrent number of players in-game since Season 16.

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Enjoying steady in fourth place, Apex Legends competes with long-running giants like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2. There is even Halo Infinite, Quake and so many other titles vying for the top position in which Apex has managed to bag one among the top five positions.

Beating their Own Record

According to Steam’s own statistics, Apex Legends Season 16 drove players in large numbers and it hit a new high record of 610,433 which is the highest ever for the title. The previous record set by the game was 510,000 which has been broken by a whopping number. There are plenty of reasons why the game managed to stay afloat despite heavy competition from similar titles like Call of Duty Warzone and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, widely known as PUBG.

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The developers invested plenty of time to improve the overall gameplay experience, got rid of many bugs, and most importantly listened to their player community. They are slowly moving away from the Battle Royale mode, which is far more demanding and requires a player to put in time for a lottery-like experience. It is not tightly knit, the maps are huge and may not reap the necessary results every time you log in.

Apex Legends

Team Deathmatch – Going Old School Always Wins

If you have had the opportunity to play any first-person shooter in team deathmatch or deathmatch mode, you will know how fast-paced, fun, and quick the solution is. The players have to frantically keep moving, looking for new games in a title like Quake. Usually, it ends in 10 minutes or so. Even the longest versions wouldn’t be too long.

Apex Legends deathmatch mode

According to their official statement, Apex Legends Season 16 will have team deathmatch added to the rooster permanently. The developer Respawn is providing Heirloom Shards using which players can buy a Prestige Skin or Heirloom weapon. The ongoing Collection Event allows players to purchase them in bulk at discounted rates while some can grind to get their hands on them.

A massive increase in the player count is confirmed because these records emerge from Steam alone, but not on other game launches on PC nor does it include console player count.

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