GTA Online Players Feel The Arrival of GTA 6 Will Mark The End of Security Flaws In The Franchise

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While Rockstar Games recently released a security patch for GTA Online, fans feel it is not enough!

Rockstar Games has managed to resolve the latest issue pertaining to GTA Online modders with the help of a security-focused patch designed to fix a dangerous exploit that eliminates everything players have done over a good number of years. The update has made GTA Online a safer game for players to explore. However, there is also this feeling that Rockstar is not doing all that it is required to keep the game safe.

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According to DarkViper AU, a prominent GTA 5 streamer and speedrunner, Rockstar is taking just some basic steps to fix the loopholes in the system. The steps it is taking now, the streamer states, should have been carried out at least a decade ago. The player community seems to be on the same page as the streamer here.

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Ever since the update has been launched, players have been trying out the game to find out how their interaction with Los Santos has evolved. One has the option of using public lobbies to play GTA Online. There are, of course, pros and cons attached to it and you must be well aware of them before you try this option.

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As far as this patch is concerned, it enables streamers to play the game without being at risk of getting targeted. It also gives players the opportunity to camouflage themselves in Friends Only or Invite Only lobbies. While many have criticized the late arrival of the patch, some players have stepped forward and appreciated the fact that Rockstar is taking some steps towards resolving many of the security issues that plague the game.

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