Apple iPhone 12 Will Bundle 20W USB-C Charger, New Leak Suggests

The long-standing complaint of Apple users is that even the last version, the iPhone 11, was shipped with a mere 5W charger and it would take a lifetime (figuratively!) to completely charge your phone.

When every other brand out there ships their phones with 30W fast chargers, Apple wanted users to purchase it separately. The shortcoming could finally be solved if the iPhone 12 20W USB-C charger rumors are true.

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The company is planning to finally make life easier for their big-time fans. After all, you would literally be spending in hundreds of dollars because accessories like fast charging, Apple Pencil for iPads and the $1000 stand for Mac have always been the ridicule of the internet. The brand is moving towards a much better position in terms of providing value for money and improving its features, as the iOS14 launch revealed widgets similar to Android after a long wait.

apple iphone12 leaks

While most Android phones focus on fast charging, after a hiatus, Apple iPhone 12 will bundle a 20W charger. It doesn’t end there because you can also rejoice as the port is finally moving towards USB Type-C. The world of electronics is adopting it as the preferred medium of choice and all major Android phones including Samsung, OnePlus have moved to a Type C port on their flagship devices.

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Apple adopted the same for some of their devices but bringing it to iPhone 12 will be a major and welcome change that you can look forward to. It will replace the 5W charger that is being shipped with iPhone 11 and other older iPhones. While the box content may not change for older models even in 2021, it is great to know the newer phones will be supported better.

A series of pictures of the Apple iPhone 12’s 20W charger was posted online and the port on the rear side confirms it is USB Type-C if we are to believe the leak. It has also been rumored that future Apple Pencil will be sold in Black color and all this information comes from MrWhite on Twitter, who has had a decent record of predicting some of Apple’s future plans way before its official announcement.

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Based on what we know so far, there will be 4 different models for the iPhone 12 and all of them will be equipped with 5G internet connectivity. The support ensures the future of smartphones is ready to adopt this super-fast connection even though its adoption rate is slow globally at this point.

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