Apple iPhone 16 Pro: Two New Color Options Revealed in a Leak

iphone 16 Pro

It is a known fact that tech giant Apple is now working on its iPhone 16 lineup of smartphones. There have also been various reports about these smartphones in the recent past giving an insight into various features and specifications.

A new leak has now surfaced on the popular X platform about two new color options for the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 Pro and is incidentally the first to discuss the color options of the smartphone.

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Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray Color Options

According to the leak, the tipster mentions that the iPhone 16 Pro will be available in two new colors Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray. The Desert Titanium or Desert Yellow color is likely to be similar to the gold color offering for the iPhone Pro but will be a heavier and deeper shade. On the other hand, the Titanium Gray or Cement Gray will be similar to the space gray that was available for the iPhone 6.

The tipster goes on to say that the above information is just a rumor and should not be considered as completely accurate. He also mentions that there are ongoing talks about other possible colors although they seem less likely.

Add-on or Replacement Colors

Apple iPhone Pro models have always arrived in three basic colors of gold, white and black plus a striking color such as purple, blue or green. The most recent iPhone 15 Pro is available in Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium and Natural Titanium.

There is a possibility that the Black Titanium and White Titanium color options will be retained while Blue Titanium and Natural Titanium will be replaced by Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray. However, there is no official confirmation on this and the two new colors could also be add-on colors.

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The Desert Titanium appears to be a striking and unique color. Hence, if Apple does opt to finally include this color, it is sure to be the connoisseur of many eyes.

How many devices are expected in the 16 Series?

It was earlier mentioned that the iPhone 16 series would include five models namely iPhone 16 SE, the iPhone 16 Plus SE, the iPhone 16, the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max. The smartphones will target different market segments and make various options available to customers at different price points.

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