Nintendo Switch 2 Launch May Be Delayed to Early 2025

nintendo switch 2

Talks about Nintendo Switch 2 have garnered the rapt attention of gamers across the globe. According to one of the latest reports, Nintendo is said to have announced that the upcoming next-gen console is scheduled for an early 2025 release.

The console was earlier projected to hit the market in late 2024. Reports attribute the delay to software refinement. The announcement was later ascertained by Eurogamer, Bloomberg and VGC as well as Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, a Brazilian correspondent.

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The Nintendo Switch may follow the tracks of its predecessor that had a March release and may arrive in the first quarter of 2025 as a March launch in the next financial year. If so, this will coincide with the eighth anniversary of the predecessor Nintendo Switch. However, sources like Bloomberg believe that the release could be delayed a little more. It must be noted that nothing is confirmed for now as there is no official statement from the makers.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specifications

The new Nintendo Switch will be portable just like the earlier model. The upcoming console is slated to be equipped with an 8-inch large display. It is also speculated that the Switch will be fitted with a next-generation NVIDIA Tegra processor. This processor incorporates some interesting features like real-time ray tracking.

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Games in the Nintendo Switch 2

According to a statement by a publishing source, the delayed launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 could give Nintendo ample time to include its flagship first-party games in the console. Moreover, game developers will also have more time to finish their work on many titles. As of now, the much-awaited Metroid Prime 4 and an unnamed Princess Peach title are the only games supported by Nintendo. With the delay, there could be more titles at launch that the manufacturer could reveal when the console is formally announced.

At present, the Nintendo Switch has the largest number of sales globally with the counts surpassing that of the Xbox Series X/S and the Sony PS5. The first Nintendo Switch was priced at $299 while the updated version with an OLED screen had a price tag of $349.99. The Nintendo Switch 2 is projected to have an even steeper starting price of more than $400.

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