Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 May Be Launched Four Years from Now!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most sought-after games from Square Enix by gamers from all over the world.

Even as the second game of the trilogy is all set for its launch in a few days, players are already interested in knowing about the progress of Part 3 or the final game. The untitled project may follow the footsteps of Part 2 known as Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and may reach gaming aficionados in early February 2028. Interestingly, it took about four years for the second part to follow the first part.

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Update on Final Fantasy Remake Part 3

Naoki Hamaguchi, director of Square Enix was recently interviewed by French YouTuber Juliene Chieze. In the course of the interview, the director stated that he could not indulge in too much information but fans could be assured that there has been progress with the script. He added that they were considering various developments to the game.

According to Hamaguchi, the status of Part 3 is similar to that of the second part of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth when the first part of the three-part game was nearing its release date. He mentioned that while they were nearing the development of the Final Fantasy VII remake, discussions started about the upcoming Rebirth. Today, they were in much the same position regarding Part 3.

FF Remake Part 3 Scope

The scope of the final installment is still unclear at the moment. The storyline of the second installment, Rebirth that will be released shortly has a very wide scope. Rebirth is a grueling game that takes gamers a hundred hours to complete the game is loaded with several open-world kind zones.

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The final installment might turn out to be narrower than its predecessor. If this is true, the development could also be faster and this may pave the way for a faster release date.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5 on February 29 this year. After May 29, there is a possibility of a PC version being available. This was what happened with Final Fantasy Remake Part 1 when it was launched.

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