Apple’s Latest Patent to Enhance the Multi-touch Experience of iPhones/iPads

Apple patent

The U.S. Trademark and Patent Office confirms that a patent (with patent number US 11853518 B2) has been issued to Apple.

This patent is granted on account of supporting the “Multipoint Touch Surface Controller”. This support implies that the upcoming iPhones and iPads will support multi-touch features. Furthermore, the issue of this patent can also indicate support for an accessory device on Mac OS.

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Apple has stated in the patent that in computer systems, plenty of input devices are present that can be utilized to accomplish a wide range of operations. The input devices can be a mouse, touchpad, trackball, touchscreen, joystick, and so on. Moreover, they can allow cursor movement or interface with a component on the display. In the patent description, Apple has also stated that the touchscreen and touchpad are getting more prevalent. It added that the reasons for this prevalence are the constant reduction in cost, convenient operation, and the touchpad’s versatility.

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Due to the implementation of multi-touch technology, the screen would respond to the task by incorporating two aspects. The first one is to gather the signals induced by multi-touch simultaneously. The second aspect implies deciphering each signal and subsequently performing accurate analysis. As a result, the screen can discern the touch actions and clicks induced by the person’s five fingers simultaneously.

Single vs Multi-touch points

In this context, Apple has mentioned that currently, most touchscreens recognize a point although the sensing surface has several objects over it. This indicates that they can’t track several touchpoints simultaneously.

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The patent that has been granted to Apple implies that the upcoming iPhones and iPads will incorporate a touchscreen controller having multi-touch support. Hence, they would allow transparent touch sensors to be used. Moreover, the controller will be available as an easy-to-use built-in package.

Additionally, the patent reveals different techniques related to dynamic range improvement and noise suppression. These techniques would make the controller compatible with various sensors used in various conditions, without requiring hardware reconfiguration.

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