GTA 6 Fans Want a GTA Inspired Game Set In London


A fundraising campaign has been organized by the developers to put together ENDS, a game that has a GTA-like setting to it and will be set in London.

It would be quite fair to say that the gaming industry has been largely shaped by fans and their demands. Gaming studios track the opinions, feedback and suggestions of fans closely and take them very seriously. Rockstar Games has been one of those gaming companies that has created and updated many of its titles based on the feedback received by fans.

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Last month, Rockstar Games finally unveiled the first trailer of GTA 6. Once the trailer came out, fans started discussing and dissecting many of the elements seen in it. Fans on different online forums also voiced their thoughts and ideas on when the game could be released. While Rockstar hasn’t given any update on the release date of GTA 6, a large number of fans are of the opinion that the game will get an official launch in the year 2025. Fans are also looking forward to seeing how Vice City would be represented this time around.

For a very long time, GTA fans had been requesting a GTA game that would be set in London. The demand for an open world based in London has intensified in the last few months. While Rockstar might not have any immediate plans to put together a GTA game set in London, developers Concrete Realm are working on a “gritty action-adventure RPG” that will enable players to go through the “authentic open-world experience set on the ruthless streets of London”.

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This particular game has received a lot of traction on Kickstarter, which happens to be a leading crowd-funding website. At the moment, the developers are trying to raise £10k so that they can start the development process. The developers have also shared a trailer which gives one a fair idea about their vision for the game. The game, which has been titled ENDS, will be made using Unreal Engine 5 and therefore, it is expected to be a visual treat. However, the fate of the game greatly depends on whether the developers manage to raise the requisite funds or not.

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