AR Scan Policy Change Makes It Possible For Pokemon GO Players To Skip Research Tasks

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO players, who didn’t find research tasks interesting and wished to avoid them, will now have the option to do that!

A recent update made by Niantic has brought in some cheer for Pokemon GO players who didn’t like the idea of participating in research tasks.

While queuing up for special research tasks, players can avoid the possibility of receiving AR mapping requests. This update is also a result of the company wanting to produce high-end AR scans.

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The aforementioned tasks require a player to reach out to a Pokestop and then, use their phone to scan the location properly. Through these AR scans, Niantic generates the kind of information that enables it to keep its maps updated and try out AR experiences that would be of a better quality and work well for players.

While Pokemon GO was released in the year 2018, AR mapping was launched two years after that. Niantic was not in favor of using Google Maps, so it moved to OpenStreetMap. Around the same time, AR mapping quests started making their appearance on the phones of the players. In case Niantic fails to source out the maps that work for it, it would start the process of outsourcing projects to different players and seek the help of trainers to create better-quality 3D maps.

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While Niantic’s move was well-intentioned, players had a few issues with it. One of the things players disapproved of is walking to Pokestops which are several miles away. Many players pointed out the several disadvantages associated with it. Apart from resulting in tasks remaining unfinished, AR mapping was also consuming a lot of space and not letting players have a wholesome experience while playing the game.

On Friday, Niantic shared an official post that stated that quests would be given out only to players who manage to produce high-quality scans. What this essentially means is that when a Pokemon GO trainer shares inferior-quality AR scans consistently over a period of time, they will stop receiving them. This will result in the research task slot getting freed up and quests becoming easier to be completed.

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