Resident Evil 4 Remake: New Update Eliminates Much In Demand Exploit

Resident Evil 4

A lot of players wouldn’t be too happy to find a popular exploit from the Resident Evil 4 remake game which has gone missing.

In the recent past, the Resident Evil 4 remake had been making news for a variety of reasons. Recently, a new update was launched to fix a bug in the game. One of the things done by this update is something many fans wouldn’t be too appreciative of.

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Ever since the remake of Resident Evil 4 had been launched, players had been busy looking for different ways in which the game can be exploited and the tips and techniques that one could use to move ahead in the game. Some of the glitches, which players have used to their advantage, have been rather amusing. While a particular glitch resulted in Leon Kennedy getting a bunch of rockets, another glitch led to a game boss getting a stun lock.

Many of these glitches, undoubtedly, made the game a lot more fun and easier for the players. Players would have wanted these exploits to be a part of the game for the longest time. However, the developer has finally started the process of eliminating these exploits.

When you go through the recently published patch notes for the game, you realize a new update has managed to fix many of the problems with the game. As per a post uploaded on the game’s official website, the update has fixed some issues that the game was plagued with for a long time. It is now possible to collect some of the things that were not obtainable earlier. Fixes have been implemented across different platforms.

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The update, however, has also brought in some bad news for those who were extensively using the exploits in the game. Now, players do not get the opportunity to buckle through walls while using the scope. This is bound to upset players who had been trying to get a good command over the speedrunning routes. Many players were using this glitch to conserve precious time while engaging in playthroughs. The update has brought in a few other changes that might leave a section of the players feeling disappointed.

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