Archeology Feature in Minecraft Gets Renamed: Here’s Why!

Minecraft Archeology

Here is the real reason why Minecraft’s archeology feature had to undergo a name change.

The newest Snapshot in Minecraft is supposed to offer players a preview of the things they can expect to see in the game in the near future. What players know at the moment is that Minecraft’s archeology features are expected to be loaded with a bunch of fresh content. Soon, players will get to participate in a variety of activities using these features including using brushes to comb through desert areas. Collecting pottery shards and several other items would be much easier now.

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Interestingly, the pottery shards have received a new update courtesy a real-life archeologist pointing out some discrepancies with the terminology. When you go through the Snapshot address notes, you realize how this issue has been looked into. “Your voices were heard, we’re giving you Sherds!” – this was the Snapshot post’s title. When you have a proper look at the notes, you realize that Pottery Shards have been rechristened as Pottery Sherds.

While Shards being re-titled Sherds would be a minor detail for most people, a lot of thought has gone into it. ArcheoPlays, which happens to be a YouTube channel, recently uploaded a video that offered a review of the new archeology features in Minecraft. When you hit play, you can see archeologist Heather Christiestating that ‘sherds’, and not ‘shards’, is the right terminology.

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Even Christie admitted that it was a minor issue, but since he noticed it, it was important for him to point it out. “We call pieces of pottery ‘potsherds,’ ‘sherds,’ or ‘pottery sherds,’ all with an e”, he says in the video. In archeology, shards refer to tiny pieces of glass windows and glass vessels. Fans have also appreciated the fact that Mojang renamed the feature after realizing the mistake they had made on their end.

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