Minecraft Legends: New Trick Eases Out The Process of Tracing Resources

Minecraft Legends

The search for resources in Minecraft Legends now becomes much more convenient owing to a new trick.  

In a game like Minecraft Legends, resources like coal, iron, redstone and diamonds are of utmost importance. Without these resources, one cannot go about summoning mobs. While arranging for resources like stone and wood has not been a very tough process, having other types of resources at your disposal has been quite difficult.

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By the time the endgame arrives, players make a conscious effort to create a stock of resources so that they can deal with Minecraft Legends bosses. These resources also prove to be helpful in taking down Piglin Outposts that are at a higher level. If you have been struggling to find iron in the game, a newly discovered trick might prove to be of great help to you.

There are certain locations in the game that are known to offer a bunch of resources. Diamonds, for instance, are found to be present in the Tundra biomes and Jagged Peaks. Iron, on the other hand, is usually discovered in the Fatelands, Dry Savanna and Forest. Every village that is there in the game is surrounded by certain resources that are yield by their chests. If you fast travel to these villages, you can arrange the resources in a jiffy.

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A quick look at the Minecraft Legends map will give you a good idea about the manner in which these villages are located across the game. The map will also offer you relevant information on the kind of resources you will find in these villages. This trick will be of great help to those who are trying to gather a large amount of resources over a short period of time.

Minecraft Legends Map

If you use the map effectively, you should not have much trouble generating resources. While the image represented above showcases a village that offers diamonds, you can use the map to find any resource you need at a given point in time. If resource improvement or generation is one of your primary goals while playing Minecraft Legends, using this trick would be a very good idea.

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