The Sims 4: New Update Results In The Distortion of Face Elements

Sims 4

The Sims 4 team has addressed the issues that have emerged out of an update rolled out by them recently.

Electronic Arts, the company behind The Sims 4, recently launched an update for the game with the intention to fix certain glitches in the game. This particular update was also rolled out to introduce players to some new content in the game.

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Among the many glitches it fixed was the bug which resulted in the food preferences of infants getting reset when somebody moved from Manage Worlds to CAS and then, got back to the game again. The update has also driven away the bug that made Top Surgery Scars unavailable upon a player getting into CAS. Those who play the game now will also notice the inclusion of new decoration options that enables one to personalize the characters.

The update, however, has also brought in some issues in the game. As per some of the reports that have emerged to the fore, several players have stumbled upon an issue that involves Sims’ face elements undergoing a change. The facial elements of the characters in the game like size, color and position are getting altered automatically. Players are not able to control these changes and are, therefore, feeling helpless.

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The aforementioned issue has happened after the introduction of the latest patch. Those who are using the modded or original version of the game are able to witness these changes. Because of this bug, players are not able to customize the characters as per their wish.

To fix this issue, players have tried a variety of things like modifying the graphics settings and getting the game restarted or uninstalled. However, none of their attempts resulted in eliminating this bug. Though Electronic Arts or the development team of The Sims 4 hasn’t spoken about this issue yet, there is a good chance of them fixing this soon.

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