Battlefield 6 Images Allegedly Leaked on the Internet

Battlefield 6 Images Leak Online

Screenshots that are said to be from the reveal trailer of Battlefield 6 have been leaked on the internet.

These images consist of important visual information that reveals a lot about the upcoming game. The couple of pictures that have surfaced online are in sync with the kind of information one has received about the reveal trailer of Battlefield 6. From the futuristic setting to the rocket launch, everything matches up.

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Rumors, that had surfaced earlier, indicated towards a reveal trailer of Battlefield 6 being launched in May but now, there has been a change in the plans. There has been an official confirmation from EA about the game being revealed in the month of June. Further details about the game are expected to be unveiled at EA Play that is scheduled to be held in July. As of now, there has been no information about what one can expect from the reveal but these leaked screenshots have given one a fair idea about which direction Battlefield 6 is headed towards.

There is very little doubt about the fact that these leaked pictures are related to Battlefield’s cinematic trailer. The images, that were leaked from Tom Henderson’s Discord Server, are in lower resolution. Having said that, a Twitter user named Alaricdhuman cleaned up the pictures and ensure they look pleasant to the eyes. Henderson has a reputation of being a reliable leaker and he has claimed that the pictures indeed are authentic.

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The images confirm that Battlefield 6 will be set in the distant future and will feature futuristic elements like robot dogs. A previous leak pertaining to Battlefield 6 featured a tornado surrounding a rocket launch pad. This signified that there will be a high level of destruction courtesy of this tornado. There is a chance, but no surety, about it being a scripted campaign.

All eyes are on the launch of Battlefield 6 which is scheduled to take place this holiday season. Players are happy that the game will be compatible with both last generation and current generation consoles. EA has not shared any information about what differentiates the different versions of the game apart from their visuals. If rumors are to be believed, the multiplayer format will have the capacity to host 128 players. There will be a lot of ‘destructive’ elements in the upcoming installment.

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