GTA Online: New Update Brings In AI To Curb Toxic Voice Chat

GTA Online

GTA Online players can now expect to see less toxic behavior and negative elements in the game with the new update.

Not every update rolled out to a game is designed to enhance its playability. Some updates are created to ensure players feel safe and do not go through any negative elements while playing a game. Such updates, as gaming studios would confirm, contribute significantly towards strengthening the player base for a game. Releasing such updates also helps a game solidify its credibility.

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A new update rolled out to Grand Theft Auto Online has resulted in the inclusion of an AI in the game. This particular AI element responds to voice chat and works towards banning offenders or those spreading toxicity. This particular update, however, has only been rolled out for the game’s PC version.

As per Tez2, a prominent GTA insider, Rockstar Games has very consciously incorporated a bunch of features to drive out toxic elements from the game. One of the most prominent features to be released by the gaming studio is called ToxMod, which can be best described as a voice moderation tool powered by AI that works towards making the game safe and accessible for every player.

This AI tool has already been introduced to several major games including Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. According to research conducted by ToxMod, more than 80% of adult gamers come across toxic elements in the online space and this toxicity affects players belonging to every demographic.

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The AI tool works towards detecting voice chats and recording everything to filter out all the toxic elements from it. Those who are found to indulge in toxic behavior shall be barred from the game. Given the kind of steps Rockstar has taken, one feels it is very serious about controlling bad or toxic behavior. Players have been provided with two recording options in the form of emails and phone texts.

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