The Sims 4 2021 Expansion and Stuff Packs Have Started, Ghost Pack Expected Tomorrow

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The Sims 4 is showing no signs of slowing down as the developers have confirmed that they have a ghost-themed pack heading to the game on the 12th of January.

The newest list of expansion packs and stuff packs are scheduled for launch in the following packs which suggests that the Sims 5 may not be revealed anytime sooner.

Besides, it has always been a tradition when the game is in vogue for so many years and Maxis continues to support it with something new throughout the years. This is not a game where you pick sides and finish it off like a single player campaign but rather spend so many hours exploring the lore they create in multiple expansion packs. The newest ghost-themed pack will have a spooky environment but it will also have an investigation angle about those dead people, making it an easy pick for the crime thriller genre.

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Throughout the years since the game’s launch, the team has launched at least 18 different packs and this one will be all about the supernatural entity. The Sims 4 often had something that focuses on aliens and ghosts to keep things interesting. Some of the popular choices includes the Vampires, Realm of Magic pack and the Strangerville which focuses on aliens, UFOs and everything else that people would like to associate with Area 51.

The Ghost pack will be revealed and the actual launch date would definitely be within January so as to start the new year with something astounding. The news was confirmed by the people at the Sims on their official Twitter channel. The graphics and reveal video suggests it could be on the lines of the Ghostbuster series where investigation and taming ghosts is part of their everyday life.

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Full Reveal

After the full reveal, it will be easier to predict whether the Sims 4 will continue to be on the top because not all stuff packs and expansion packs are the same. Some of them are extremely well done while others fall flat, disappointing hardcore Sims fans. The ghost pack should probably be a fun addition but it may not be a game changer due to its limited size.

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There is no word on how the Sims 4 would evolve as it is an older game now and it is time for the Sims 5 to be revealed. Going by the tone of the developers, it looks like they are not much for a new game at this point of time.

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