Big Minecraft 1.20 Update: Archaeology Tools, Sniffers and a Pink Gnome Incoming, Confirms Mojang

Minecraft Cherry Blossom update

Mojang is gearing up for the huge Minecraft 1.20 update for the title this year.

Supposed to be a classic by now, Minecraft continues to dominate the gaming industry with its in-depth gameplay and hours of non-stop fun ardent fans get out of it.

The developer of Minecraft, Mojang, is super keen on keeping the potential growth as they get ready to unveil the update this year.

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You can literally find Minecraft on every other platform out there, including PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones and even pocket computers. But, as it has been always the huge Archaeology update will first be launched on Windows computers before it slowly trickles down to all other platforms. If you are still hanging on to dear life with an Xbox One S or a PlayStation 4, yes you will be receiving these updates as well. Just don’t try to switch on Ray Tracing on your old generation consoles as they will obviously stutter and falter to deliver such graphical fidelity.

What to Expect with Archaeology Update?

As the name suggests, this is not going to be an easy task. Players should manually browse and search into suspicious sand dunes among other terrains to find sniffer eggs. Minecraft developers picked Sniffer as the choice while the other two choices, Rascal and Tuff Golem didn’t make their way into the final build. After all, the developers are supposed to deliver what the majority of the crowd wants and they kept their promise.

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Exploration has been the core front of Minecraft ever since its launch and things get more interesting with a Sniffer. Once a player manages to find a sniffer egg, they should wait some time before it hatches and grows into an adult. They are extremely capable of sniffing out unique seeds from the past which, when planted will deliver unique blooms every time.

Making a Settlement is Easier Now

Most players have to scout an entire area to look for minerals, sheep, chicken, and so on to create their own settlement. Minecraft 1.20 update brings in a cherry blossom biome. The beautiful fluffy tree when fully grown attracts bees, sheep, and pigs making it more fun to establish a settlement. Gaining the resources players need is easier with the gnome.

For aesthetic lovers, the pink wood gathered from this tree can be used to create attractive name boards or build a rest area with a touch of pink everywhere. The 1.20 update will release in 2023 but no word on whether it is in the first or second half.

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