Minecraft 1.2 Update Will Mark The Arrival of Archeology

Minecraft Archeology

Minecraft has confirmed that it will be adding archeology with the soon-to-be-launched 1.2 update.

The 1.2 update by Minecraft is being keenly awaited by fans. The update has already been revealed and has got the players very excited.

Among other things, the update will give players the opportunity to excavate archeological treasures and other materials from the desert biomes with the help of a new tool. While this is one feature that has been revealed, Mojang has assured fans of more features to be revealed in the near future on social media.

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For years, Minecraft fans had been waiting for the archeology to arrive in the game. An official announcement about this feature was made when the Caves and Cliffs Update was officially revealed in 2020. Though the Caves and Cliffs Update was designed to introduce players to the archeology feature, it was junked because of some reason.

The development process of the Caves and Cliffs Update suffered from several complications and issues, but the developers of the game saw a lot of potential in it. They made up their mind to include it in an update that would be rolled out in the future. Now, it is finally ready to be introduced in Minecraft.

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A blog post, which features on the official website of Minecraft, states that players will get the opportunity to extract ancient artifacts that are lying hidden in the desert biomes of Minecraft. The blog post further states that they would be able to do this with the help of a new brush tool. Apart from extracting new pottery shards, they will get to lay their hands on several other exciting items as well.

This update seems to have been designed for players who love the idea of looking for treasures. This feature is also slated to introduce a bunch of new blocks in the game. The post makes it clear that the new features will be up for a preview via a snapshot that shall be out soon. The current gameplay structure, however, is expected to go through several tweaks in the next couple of weeks.

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