Billie Eilish Has Arrived on Fortnite as the Next Celebrity Skin

Fortnite Billie Eilish

The newest celebrity skin offered by Fortnite Festival is now live!

Harmonix developed Fortnite Festival as a rhythm game which has many elements we had seen in the games released by the gaming company. The gaming studio is widely renowned for putting together the Rock Band games and it has received a lot of appreciation for the way the Fortnite Festival has come together. Players get several different options while playing the Fortnite Festival. After getting the opportunity to pick an instrument of their choice, the players also get the chance to play different notes on a track.

A while back, fans stumbled upon an image from the 2024 roadmap for Fortnite Festival which was leaked on the internet. Along with Metallica, Snoop Dogg and Karol G, the roadmap featured Billie Eilish as well. This particular image was discovered on 4Chan and it had no caption accompanying it. As per the image, many other franchises like Fantastic Four, LEGO Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean were scheduled to arrive on Fortnite. If we go by the information brought to the fore by reports published in the past, there is a strong possibility of new X-Men skins being introduced in the game as well.

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On April 23, Billie Eilish was finally dropped into Fortnite. It is unlockable in the festival pass. This particular skin was announced by Eilish by uploading an image on Twitter. While sharing the picture, she also made an announcement about the release date. This skin should also be compatible with most game modes including Rocket Racing and Battle Royale. Ever since the Fortnite Festival was released, one has witnessed several changes taking place. Plastic peripherals have been rolled out for the Fortnite Festival with the hope that players might utilize them for the rhythm game mode.

Fortnite has been releasing several new features for its new game modes like LEGO Fortnite, Festival and Rocket Racing. Its efforts have been directed towards creating a metaverse for games. In the leaked roadmap, one can see plans drawn out for all four game modes. The maximum number of updates have been rolled out for LEGO Fortnite. In the month of May, one can expect a LEGO Star Wars collaboration to happen.

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Fortnite has made a conscious effort to add new skins to its metaverse of game modes and properties that have been expanding steadily over the years. Much of the content has been created keeping the preferences and sensibilities of players in mind. Some of the skins, which will be arriving in the game soon, shall have a Samurai theme to them. One of the things that has given Fortnite an edge over other games in this space is that it features a mixture of a vast number of IPs and personalities.

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