Call of Duty 2024 Could Revolve Around The Gulf War

Call of Duty 2024

As per a recently emerged report, Call of Duty 2024 has been designed as Black Ops: Gulf War.

A couple of days back, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 finally received a full-fledged release. Now that players have tried it out and largely explored all that it had to offer, they are now looking forward to the next game in the franchise. As per the leaks that have come to the fore so far, the Call of Duty 2024 game will be Black Ops set during the Gulf War. The leaks suggest that there is a good possibility of the development process on the next Call of Duty commencing next year.

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Jez Gorden, who works as a reporter with Windows Central, recently published a report about it and made a claim about the upcoming game revolving around the role the United States and CIA played in the much-talked-about conflict. According to the reports, the game will showcase traditional military technology in an elaborate manner. While this technology did feature in games like Modern Warfare 3, it is expected to have a more pronounced role in Black Ops: Gulf War.

According to Windows Central, Activision is gearing up to milk pre-order bonuses in 2024. Players, who purchase the game a little early, will get to avail of the multiple early access periods that will be offered to them. While the early access period for the base game is expected to last for several days, the early access period for specific modes like Zombies could last up to several weeks.

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There are also reports suggesting that Black Ops: Gulf War will feature remastered maps that were a part of Black Ops games released in the past like WMD and Grind. Taking the criticism received for Modern Warfare 3 into account, there is a possibility of the game opting for a round-based Zombies mode.

CharlieIntel, a dataminer who is known to be quite accurate about news or information pertaining to Call of Duty, has stated that the next Call of Duty game would be the first one in the franchise to go through a development cycle lasting for four long years. Since some fans had complained about Activision not spending enough time on developing some of the last released Call of Duty games, one expects the gaming studio to make amends this time around.

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