Call of Duty Fallout Crossover Bundle: Here’s What It Offers

Call of Duty

The Fallout crossover bundle will offer a lot of exciting things including weapon blueprints, operator skins, loading screens and decals.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has just showcased its Fallout Vault Dweller Tracer Pack which features as many as 15 items inspired from Fallout. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, currently in its fourth season, has got a bunch of new maps like Tokyo and Paris added to it. The Fallout crossover bundle also features multiplayer game modes.

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Ever since the eight-episode Amazon series Fallout premiered this year, the fanbase of Fallout has grown significantly. While Fallout always had a huge fanbase, its popularity has increased manifold post the release of the series. Bethesda has witnessed a significant increase in the player count of Fallout games after the launch of the series. Fallout 76 players have also been happy with the first map of the game getting expanded. All this has been done as a part of the new Skyline Valley update.

In a new blog, the contents of the Fallout crossover bundle have been mentioned in detail. The bundle, which is being referred to as the Fallout Vault Dweller Tracer Pack, will be available from June 20 to those play Modern Warfare 3, Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile. As stated earlier, players will get access to 15 unique items when they start exploring the Fallout crossover bundle. Along with four operator skins designed for Ghost, Soap, Price, and Gaz, the bundle comes equipped with two weapon blueprints in the form of the Atomic Disintegrator HRM-9 SMG and the Vault-Tec Approved M16 assault rifle.

The smaller items should also hold a lot of appeal for the players. Some of the prominent items in this category are six loading screens, two weapon charms and a Nuka-Cola sticker. A Fallout: Vault Dwellers event, too has been revealed which will start on June 20 and culminate on June 28. In this event, players will come across several challenges. Completing these challenges shall enable the players to earn several Fallout-themed rewards.

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If a player uses one of the Vault Dweller Tracer Pack skins during the event, they will get an XP boost. Though Call of Duty has not specified the number of COD points one has to shell out to get the bundle, one can get some idea about the cost by looking at the number of items the bundle comes with.

Modern Warfare 3 fans are quite excited about the arrival of the mid-season Reload update. The update, among other things, shall mark the arrival of two new multiplayer maps in the form of Incline and Das Gross and three new modes. Fans are also waiting for Treyarch’s next entry in the franchise that will bring the new Omnimovement system to the fore.

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