GTA Online: Bottom Dollar Update To Arrive Next Week

GTA 6 online Gameplay

Along with new upgrades, the new GTA Online bottom dollar update will introduce a lot of interesting content in the game.

The launch of the GTA 6 trailer in December last year was an important event for the gaming community. Fans had been waiting for Rockstar Games to share some relevant updates about GTA 6 for a while. The gaming studio, after confirming it has been working towards developing the next game in the GTA franchise, went silent about it. The launch of the GTA 6 trailer, therefore, was a big moment for those who had been desperately waiting to get some information about the game from Rockstar. Fans are now waiting for Rockstar to release a second trailer for the game.

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While Rockstar might not be willing to share any new information about GTA 6 at the moment, it has just shared an important update about GTA Online. Ever since GTA Online launched, it has been receiving updates on a regular basis. The next major update for GTA Online will be rolled out next week. Named the Bottom Dollar Bounties, this new update will enable GTA Online players to take over the reins of a poorly performing bail enforcement company and convert it into a profitable business. The Bottom Dollar update is expected to be yet another exciting update to which players will be treated.

June 25th is when the Bottom Dollar Bounties update will be launched officially. This update will give players the opportunity to bump into Maude Eccles. Since Maude Eccles is all set to take a break from her bounty-hunting business, players have the chance to handle the management of Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement.

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Apart from buying the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement business and chasing high-priced bounties, players would get the opportunity to collaborate with Vincent Effenburger. One had a look at him during the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. Now, GTA Online players will get the opportunity to engage with him for dispatch work.

The update, among other things, shall bring in a bunch of upgrades for The Vinewood Club. GTA+ members will also get the opportunity to attend a new vehicle workshop. One of the new cars players will get to see post the launch of this update is the Overflod Pipistrello, which happens to be a supercar modeled on the Estrema Fulminea. Apart from looking extremely sleek and stylish, this vehicle also boasts very high speed. Since Effenburger is involved, players can look forward to seeing several new law enforcement vehicles as well.

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