Call of Duty Franchise Continues To Suffer From The Lack of User Generated Content

Call of Duty

If that’s one thing that is keeping the Call of Duty franchise behind other live service games, it is the dearth of user-generated content!

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for almost two decades now. This is one of those gaming franchises which have become more and more popular with time. The franchise has offered players a variety of games to try out and play. While each of the Call of Duty games has offered something fresh and interesting to the players, they have suffered from a major issue. None of the Call of Duty games have an ample amount of user-generated content.

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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the franchise got into the live service space. Paid cosmetics started getting offered in exchange for playable content like game modes and maps. The drip-feed type of post-launch release doesn’t work for everybody but this particular method has successfully kept players interested in several interesting live services. Till date, however, Call of Duty has not been able to become as replayable as some of the other popular live service games. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the fact that it doesn’t have a platform to cater to showcase community-based content.

Game modes and maps, which are created by players, add a lot of value to a game. Fortnite has a platform called Fortnite Creative that enables players to put together a variety of things ranging from creative game mods to descriptive maps.

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Battlefield, which happens to be a competitor to Call of Duty, features a lot of user-generated content. While Battlefield 2042 suffered from the presence of bugs during its launch, no such issue was found to be plaguing Battlefield Portal which was received very enthusiastically by the fans.

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